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    No Canale Grande, no vaporetti and no gondole, but still a touch of Italy.
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Venice Florida - no romantic cruises through an intimate maze of narrow waterways…and no “Oh Solo Mios…”

Venice, Florida, is a friendly and happy seaside town in Sarasota County. If you like coastal living - this is probably it! The older part of the city, including the historic district and Main Street, is on an island. The bigger portion of the town, including the commercial sites, is on the mainland. However, when it comes to canals and waterways, Venice in Florida does not even come close to Italian namesake, located on 118 islands with 177 canals. 

Three modern draw bridges connect the Island with the rest of the world. Venice Avenue, in Venice's heart, is a broad boulevard lined with beautiful palm and lady trees, shops and boutiques, restaurants, and small sidewalk cafes. All of them are locally owned. There are no chain stores permitted on the Isle. Main Street is also where you can go to Art festivals, old fashioned Main Street parades, sidewalk sales, winter and summer craft fairs, holiday gatherings, outdoor music performances, and other recurring events. 

Family-owned Stores are on the Island

Those little stores lined up along Main Street invite every visitor to go inside and browse through an inventory they won't find anywhere else. First, they can stop for ice cream at the "Soda Fountain," later, they can check out everything from jewelry to chic home accessories, and fill the basket with Sea Treasures or hand-painted shells. Art plays a prominent role in those stores, and there is everything available from retro pieces to original antiques. 

If the visitor decides to stay for dinner on the Island of Venice, he will face a wide selection of choices. From Continental to Polynesian, he can pick whatever he desires. If he's in the mood for Italian food, there are quite a few Italian Eateries on the Isle.  Parking is no problem on the Island - there is a big parking lot right in the middle of downtown, but plenty of street parking is also available. 

The City of Venice is like Sarasota - only on a much smaller Scale

Like the City of Sarasota, the City of Venice also enjoys a rich and cultural heritage, including a professional symphony, a theatre, and a museum - everything is just a little smaller in scale, but bigger is not always better. 

However, here comes the part where Venice can beat its sister city in the north: Venice has more than 30 parks ranging in size from tiny pocket parks to the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. The beaches include the only dog beach park in Sarasota County, Brohard Paw Park.  The last full-length pier for fishing is on Venice Beach.  Caspersen Beach, an unspoiled, windswept beach where a nature trail leads through unspoiled saltwater marshes and tidal flats, is our most preferred beach. 

This beach is where Venice earned its name "Shark Tooth Capital of the World." Here you will see people digging through the sand along the edge of the waves. They are searching for hours, looking for those triangular, fossilized sharks' teeth that were brought to the area by strong underwater currents. The lucky ones find teeth of an impressive size, but the average tooth is less than a quarter of an inch or even smaller.