They were here way before the First Human arrived

Of course, alligators have a massive body and slow metabolism - that is why they are so sluggish, right? It seems that most of the time, they are lazy. They hang out in the sun and digest all day long. Slowly moving if moving at all. 

Well, it often looks like that, but never underestimate alligators. They will indeed watch you, and they are capable of short bursts of incredible speed when you don't expect it. They can easily outperform you even if you think you can run fast. 

An alligator will not follow you hundreds of yards, but when you are closer than 20 yards to a gator, you should not feel safe anymore. In most cases, the reptile will go away without attacking. In general, humans are not on top of their menu, but there are circumstances when a gator will come after you. Females protecting their little ones tend to be very aggressive, but there may be other reasons why a gator doesn't like you. Their primitive reptile brain sometimes works unpredictably. 

There is no such Thing as a "Friendly Alligator"

If the gator stays and doesn't seem to be afraid of you, don't be mistaken, he is not friendly at all because there is no such thing as a "friendly" gator. Something might be wrong with that guy! Maybe humans have fed it, and it is not afraid of humans anymore. Now it wants you for dinner because it can not distinguish between the food and the hand that fed it! But it could also be a female protecting the baby gators. That would be a very dangerous situation because mama gator will protect her kids. Stay away when you are not sure what is happening. 

In general, alligators' main prey are smaller animals that they can kill and eat with a single bite. They may kill larger prey by grabbing it and dragging it into the water to drown. If they cannot tear chunks of meat out of the victim (alligators have no incisors), they will hide it somewhere to let it rot. Once the meat is soft and tender (and a little stinky), they will come back to enjoy their "gator candle-light dinner." 

Are Gators dangerous Animals?

Are alligators dangerous animals? The answer is "Yes" and "NO." First of all, they are animals. All animals, be it a cow, horse, cat, or dog, can act unforeseeable in certain situations. However, alligators are the least of your problems, according to serious statistics. Cows and horses kill more people each year than gators. Try to tease a pit bull and find out what happens. 

The question is, why do you even want to test the waters messing around with a dinosaur? Stay away from them, and they won't bother you. 

Gators are only dangerous if you do not (want to) understand how their brain is wired. They will not attack humans because they are naturally afraid of us. But don't count on it; always watch out when one is around. Keep in mind their brain got stuck some hundred million years ago. They have two options engraved in their gray matter: run or attack. 

How can you find out what they are up to? Don't try to read their mind because their facial expression is basically "zero." However, when they stare at you, open their mouths, and make a growling noise - you better run. 

Do we have "Real Crocodiles" in Florida? 

This leaves us wondering: Do we have "real" crocodiles, members of the family of crocodiles,  in Florida also? The answer is: "Yes, we do." There are not too many of them, though. The population is probably a few thousand, and they live in brackish or saltwater.  

Recently a young couple was attacked by a crocodile. That was the first time that a crocodile attack was reported in the US. Those people were bathing in a canal in Miami - at 2:00 a.m. - although knowing there were two crocodiles (no gators) around. Was it a good idea to invade the territory of those reptiles in the middle of the night? Well, they obviously got their punishment, and the crocs probably got their sentence, too. Although it was not really their fault. Florida's saltwater crocodiles seem to get a little easier testy than alligators, but why do you want to figure that out?